Monday, 17 March 2014

13 Amazing medicinal effects of Garlic

healthy Garlic

Garlic has long been not only a spice, which makes food more attractive and palatable, but also a medicine of nature with many positive effects for a healthy life.

 1. Garlic against cancer
Allium substance in garlic helps us to prevent the serious cancers and "destroy" the formation and development of cancer-causing cells. Garlic is effective to resist the progression of tumors and cancer of many kinds of different cancer such as stomach cancer, spinal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and endometrial cancer and the laryngeal cancer, etc. Regular eating garlic from 5 to 20 grams of fresh garlic is very good at the cancer prevention.

2. Effect on the cardiovascular system
The researchers explained why garlic helps heart to become healthy. Garlic is useful to lowering of blood fat, blood pressure and reducing of platelet aggregation; therefore it contributes to reducing of the incidence of cardiovascular diseases because of the atherosclerosis such as cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction...A trial on 432 patients with myocardial infarction treated with essential oil of garlic daily for 3 consecutive years, showed that the number of myocardial infarctions decreases about 35%. Thus, patients with cardiovascular problems can use garlic along with modern pharmaceutical drugs in order to increase therapeutic effects.

3. Flu treatment
 Garlic contains a lot of alliin. When garlic is cut or crushed, an enzyme in garlic will be activated to transform alliin into allicin. This is a very good ingredient for health, help patients to breathe easily.  
In the influenza in Russian in 1965, people have sold over 500 tons of garlic to prevent influenza. In 1950, a German doctor announced that garlic oil has the ability to destroy some harmful microorganisms to the respiratory tract without losing the beneficial microorganisms in the body.

4. Garlic is used as a sore throat cure.
Antibacterial properties of garlic is very strong, it can even help treat a sore throat when having flu. It can also help you to reduce cough and to restore health faster. You boil a little raw garlic in a cup of water, add honey and sugar in order to create syrup, which treat sore throat.

5. Garlic works similar to antibiotics
Garlic is not only a common spice but also it works like an antibiotic, which increases the resistance of the body, helps you to reduce the risk of diseases caused by bacteria or viruses. Moreover, garlic also is a "catalyst" in order to help wounds to become healing very quickly, reduce the risk of infection.

6. Antioxidants
If you want to improve memory and minimize your distraction, you should eat many garlics because this food contains selenium-an antioxidant, which helps you to increase oxygen flow throughout the body and to activate brain activities. Furthermore, the antioxidants in garlic also effective to protect the body's cells, which help you to become more youthful and healthy.

7. Garlic is useful to beauty and slows aging
The researches of Dr. Robertllin admitted that garlic is good for health and slows aging. It is capable of protecting erythrocyte and controlling elements of freedom, which is born in the oxidation process. Therefore, these elements do not impact the aging process. Regular eating garlic helps you to restore health.

8. Garlic protects finger-nail
The most common problem with the nails are brittle nails, which make you feel uncomfortable. If you want to nourish the nails strongly and healthily, you can use fresh garlic in order to rub your nails several times; therefore, your nails will be healthier and more beautiful as you want.

9. Smoothing your hair
Thin and weak hair will lose the charm of a woman. If you want to care for your hair, you can create the hair maintenance formula from garlic as follows: Prepare a spoonful of vitamin oil A or E, a spoonful of honey, one spoon of castor oil, two cloves of garlic, one egg yolk and two spoons of olive oil. You mix all the ingredients together and apply on hair, then you use a large towel and wrap around hair. You wash your hair after 30 minutes or 1 hour. It will help improve the vitality of the hair and make hair become healthy.

10. Making skin become smooth and white
Garlic may strengthen the effects of hormone secretion, increase vitality for cells and promote new cell regeneration process in order to make skin become more beautiful. Alicine substance in garlic can sterilize, protect skin cells, strengthen resistance, limit the growth of bacteria and helps skin to become smooth and healthy.

11. Black-heads treatment
Many people do not like garlic because of the unpleasant smell but it is an effective ingredient for black-heads treatment. Garlic is effective to blood purifying and antibacterial properties; therefore, it is useful to black-heads treatment and skin diseases. You can get rid of persistent black-heads by gently rubbing of raw garlic on your face. Every day, you should eat 2-3 cloves of garlic in 3 months, it will help you to purify the blood. This purification process will improve the level of transported oxygen to the skin; therefore, it helps you to prevent and treat black-heads.

12. Garlic is used as pesticides
Many commercial pesticides are harmful to the environment. Garlic is completely natural but it is effective as any pesticides. You mix raw garlic and garlic juice with pepper and a little soap to create a special type of pesticide.

13. Garlic is used as adhesive
If you do not have a bottle of glue or an adhesive in the house, you shouldn’t worry. As long as you have garlic in the fridge, you can create glue immediately. Peel and crush the garlic. Garlic glue can be created by rubbing water of garlic on paper or glass..